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Caribou of Nunavut

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Manitoba Monsters!
North America's Finest Central Barren Ground Caribou!

Caribou with a bow huntFeatured on: Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World, Sportman's Yearbook, LL Bean's Guide to the Great Outdoors, Babe Winkelman's Great Outdoors, and Joe Thomas.

The best-kept secret in Caribou hunting. When you look at all the options, you'll agree the Manitoba caribou hunt is your finest opportunity to take a potential record book caribou.

Our caribou, the Qamairjuag herd, migrate every year into Northern Manitoba from their calving grounds in Nunavut. The herd is estimated at over 250,000 animals with our last census in 2016.

Caribou WomanOnly opened to non-resident hunting in 1995, Manitoba only licenses 500 hunters per year, resident and non-resident, to hunt this herd. With less than half that issued on the Nunavut side, we are talking about a herd of 250,000 animals which are virtually untouched. Every year, we take several B&C and P&Y animals with our top score so far at 402. Even more impressive is the average score of our racks, with our current average at 335 (B7C is 350). We have placed two animals in the last two top five classes of B&C and one in the top three of P&Y. Even more amazing, we have taken several animals just as impressive that were never entered. These racks make for spectacular trophies and the quality of this herd is amazing. It is an exclusive hunt and we only host 16 non-resident hunters per year. It is also one of the most easily accessed caribou hunts with guests able to drive via paved highway to our pickup point 300 miles south.

Caribou in the woods

The Manitoba terrain offers several advantages over other caribou hunts. Our area is tundra yet offers a mix of terrain and small stands of spruce. This gives both gun and bowhunters the advantage of hunting by stalking and spotting, instead of waiting for the animals to come to you. The ground is excellent for walking, with mostly hard ground cover, and the areas offer several high points for excellent glassing. Most days you will head out by boat with your guide and up one of the several arms both lakes offer. Guiding is 2 on 1 and your guide will accompany you each day and handle all field dressing and transportation of the animals. Hunting hours are generally 8 am to 6 PM depending on daylight. Both camps feature excellent fishing for big pike, lake trout, and arctic grayling and opportunities at wolves and ptarmigan.

Our camp is very comfortable, with excellent prepared meals and staff dedicated to your success. It features free Starlink satellite Internet. The camp is based on No-Name Lake, a large body of water straddling the Manitoba and Nunavut border and sitting between two major migration routes as they funnel down from the Nunavut calving grounds. It offers a great mix of terrain. From here, we have seven boats plus boat access to three other lakes, offering even more area if needed.Monster Caribou

No-Name camp consists of a mini-lodge and eight tent cabins with electricity, wood heat, a central shower house, generator, and a satellite telephone on-site. This camp is limited to 8 hunters per trip.

Our caribou hunts are the world's finest and designed to offer you the full experience of Northern Manitoba. It will be one you will always savor.

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