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CSAH meat, racks, hide and taxidermy

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Caribou and moose meat will be quartered and de-boned by your guide. Backstraps will be taken. Any additional meat will be taken only on the direction of the hunter. We can freeze it at the main lodge or hang it outside or in our cooler at the lodge. Most camps have some freezer space available. Caribou camp has a cutting table, saws and wrapping paper for your use. Many processors prefer to receive the meat cooled but not frozen. Dry ice is available in Thompson and Winnipeg.
It is always appreciated when hunters donate a portion of their meat to our local communities. It is through their cooperation we are able to offer you many of these hunts and caribou and moose meat are important to the communities. Meat may not be given to individual guides without the prior approval of the management. Bear meat is normally not taken by guests but we will gladly prepare it if you wish.

Racks, Hide and Skulls

Guide with moose skullYour animal will be caped, skinned, cooled, and if possible, frozen for the trip home. If you care to use salt, please bring this with and advise us beforehand.
Guests are responsible for all extra freight charges from Thompson south except trophies going to Gates.

If you are traveling with your moose, bear and caribou, the only thing that is required to cross the border are the tags, which come with your license. Bring pipe insulation to help protect your racks if flying from Thompson south. Wolves require a Cities permits, which can be only be obtained from Ottawa. Wolf hides must be sent to Gates who will expedite that paperwork for a fee. Cities permits can take several weeks. If you want a caribou rack in velvet, bring a syringe and formaldehyde to inject into the velvet to keep it fresh. Please check with your taxidermist as per his recommended method. Please note velvet is usually only good on caribou taken during our early hunts and even then, getting it to last can be a challenge. Velvet not wanted can be peeled off by hand.


Bear MountTaxidermy

Our recommended taxidermist is Gate's Taxidermy of Winnipeg.

They have a well-deserved reputation for fine quality work and have many years of experience. We will expedite your trophy to them at no charge to you and the next time you see it, it will be delivered finished to your door.


They can be reached at 204-989-0188, 866-288-7498, email or visit their website at

Some of our guests prefer to take their trophies home with them. For guests driving, racks and capes can be taken home with you but due to restrictions with US Fish and Game all flesh must be cleaned out, especially the skull cavity. All Manitoba tags must be fixed to the cape (hide) , rack, and meat. All guests are responsible for checking this at camp.

2 caribou racksYour license and tags will act as your export permit. For guests flying, please note major airlines will not accept racks any longer for travel as cargo or baggage. Hunters may make arrangements with Gates to prepare and ship racks and capes to your taxidermist. For all guests traveling into the US, a short form will need to be filled out for the US before crossing into the US. That form may be obtained at the US border.